Hi, there! I'm Amanda.


I am a portrait and fine art photographer based in Sandusky, Ohio. I am married and have four amazing kiddos (only one of which loves to be photographed...hint, it's not the teenagers). We share our space with a couple kitties, a BIG Cane Corso, and some unnamed fishies. I work from home, so on days I don't have a shoot, you can find me editing in my jammies, doing housework, cooking, and desperately trying to keep everyone's schedules straight.


While I spent my college years jumping from a political science, to a communications, to a journalism major, it wasn't until I landed an internship as a photographer's assistant that I realized what I should have known all along...I'm a photographer. I've been snapping pics on the regular since I've been a kid...everything from Polaroid, to 110 film, to a 35mm point-and-shoot, to a medium format beast, and now finally into the digital age with my beloved Canon 5Diii. While it might be a somewhat cheesy saying, it's true: choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!


I'm a bit obsessed with capturing real, artistic, intimate, and full-of-life images for my clients and their loved ones. I want to produce honest memories for you, because I believe it is so important to exist in photographs for the ones you love. 


If you'd like to chat more, please fill out a contact form. I'd love to hear from you!